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Sell My House Fast Bloomington

The Win-Win Solution


Are you looking for a quick, convenient way to sell your Bloomington house?

You may be asking yourself: “How can I sell my house fast Bloomington?” More Cash For Homes is here to help! We buy houses Bloomington. We provide a proven service that removes all the stress from the entire house selling process, so you can focus on preparing to move to your new home.

Just to be clear, we only work with homeowners when we can provide a win-win solutions. You will only be shown a solution that greatly benefits your situation. We are 100% transparent when buying your Bloomington house and will give you a no-obligation, all cash offer regardless of the condition of your house

We Buy Houses Bloomington, Regardless of Condition!


sell my house fast bloomington


Owning a house in Bloomington can become a massive headache and it may seem like there is no way around it. Does it feel like your house has become a burden to you? Has your house become more work than you can handle? Sometimes the difficulties never seem to end. 

Regardless of your situation, we are able to help you with an all cash offer for your Bloomington house. Rest assured, we buy houses Bloomington as-is – just like the pictures above! You won’t pay a dime fixing up your property or preparing it for showings with a realtor.

Are You Saying “I Need To Sell My House Fast Bloomington“

AND You Are Facing These Issues?


sell my house fast bloomington

Are you going through foreclosure or divorce?

Avoid life’s headaches and get a fair, no-obligation cash offer now.

sell my house fast bloomington

Did you recently inherit a property?

Don’t be overwhelmed with the expensive property you inherited.

sell my house fast bloomington

Do you have frustrating tenants in your property?

Rest assured – we will deal with your tenants from here on.

sell my house fast bloomington

Do you need to relocate and sell your house fast?

Avoid paying for two properties at once and sell fast to us!

sell my house fast bloomington

Do you own an unwanted or vacant property?

Stop throwing money away for that unwanted property.

sell my house fast bloomington

Do you want to avoid paying realtor commissions & closing costs?

That will cost you nearly $50,000 for an average California house.

sell my house fast bloomington

Do you want to avoid paying for and/or completing repairs?

Don’t worry about fixing your house, we will take care of the repairs!

If So, Get A No-Obligation Cash Offer Now!



Why Sell My House Fast Bloomington To More Cash For Homes?


Most Bloomington homeowners assume that working with a realtor is the best way to go when it comes to selling their home. The reality is, there are many cases where a realtor is unable to sell your house.

Even if your house is in tip-top shape and market conditions are GREAT, selling a house can still be very challenging. Now, when you consider a property that is in foreclosure, has bad tenants, or hasn’t been properly maintained, the chances of a successful sale on the open market are very slim.

We are here to help you make an informed decision. Here are your primary options when needing to sell your house fast in Bloomington:

When You List A Property With A Realtor:


sell my house fast bloomingtonYou Have No Guaranteed Buyer

Your house can sit on the market for months without any activity.

sell my house fast bloomingtonYou Will Pay For All Costs

You pay for realtor commissions, closing costs, AND required repairs.


When Selling Your House To More Cash For Homes:


sell my house fast bloomingtonClose On Your Schedule

We will buy your house and close when it’s convenient for you.

sell my house fast bloomingtonLeave Your House As-Is

We buy houses Bloomington  as-is and pay all closing & repair costs.


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We’re a family-owned business with over twenty years of experience behind us — there’s nothing in real estate we haven’t dealt with! We take time with each of our clients to discuss all of their options and come up with the best possible solution for them.

From the minute you contact us for an offer, we will take you through the entire selling process with as little stress and as much profit as possible.

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Simply give us some information about your property and we will give you a free, no-obligation cash offer.
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sell my house fast bloomington
According to Zillow, the median price of houses currently listed in Bloomington, California is around $329,000.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the current population in Bloomington, California is around 23,000 people. Bloomington is a census-designated place located in San Bernardino County, California. Though now incorporated, many of the town’s political activists are pushing for Bloomington to be incorporated as a city, while the nearby cities of Rialto and Fontana are attempting to annex the community. The incorporation effort is led by the Bloomington Incorporation Committee. In 1989, the city’s full incorporation was not completed due to staff and budget constraints. Later, in 2007, the BIC applied with the Local Agency Formation Commission for another attempt for incorporation. It later failed when the LAFC denied and extension that BIC needed in order to pay a $109,000 deposit for feasibility and financial studies.

In 1907, the Riverside Portland Cement Company built a large plant near the Crestmore Quarries and a standard gauge railroad to Riverside. On May 20th, 1911 the line was opened to Bloomington. The original community, known as Crestmore, is generally located between Larch Avenue and Locust Avenue. The Pacific Electric Crestmore Line provided local service for many years to come.

Bloomington is located within the Colton Joint Unified School District. the town of Bloomington is served by Omnitrans bus service. The city is also served by the Interstate 10 San Bernardino Freeway. In the California State Legislature, Bloomington is the 20th State District, represented by Democrat Connie Leyva, and in the 47th Assembly District, represented by Democrat Eloise Reyes.